Dr Jos Curvers
consultant for chromatographers

FAIMS as GC detector

(Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectroscopy)


Determination of Ultra Trce Levels of 1,2-Dichloroethane in Air by Sample Enrichment Micromachined Gas Chromatography-Differential Mobility Detection.
J.of Chrom Sci (2007)
Frances Sutherland, Ronda Gras, Jim Luong. Hernan Cortes and Jos Curvers

Curvers, J., and Van Schaik, H., Am. Lab. June18-23 (2004).

High Speed Gas Chromatography Applications with Micromachined Gas Chromatography.
poster, proceedings from the 28th International Symposium of Capillary Gas Chromatogrpahy, May 22-25, 2005, Las Vegas, USA.
Curvers, J., de Jong R., Sultan, F., Luong, J., Gras, R”,